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Let’s Talk About New Jersey Wedding Video and Wedding Prep!

You’re excited about your wedding day and your New Jersey wedding video, but how much coverage do you need? You probably just need someone there from the start of the ceremony on, right? Let ‘s talk about why not having your wedding videographer there for morning prep could be a mistake.

Personally, I love morning prep on the wedding day, it’s my favorite time of the day. The reason is simple: that’s when you are truly yourself. Morning prep is when you’re surrounded by your close friends, you’re joking, you’re laughing, maybe you’re nervous or excited. That’s where some of the best audio comes from, because it’s you being you and that sets the stage for the rest of the day.

Every story has a beginning and on the wedding day itself, yours starts with getting ready in the morning. That’s also when any gift exchange is going to happen, or maybe your fiancé wrote you a surprise note before the ceremony.

That footage of you getting ready in the morning is also going to make the wedding video feel more complete. As opposed to starting with everyone walking down the aisle and right into the ceremony, you’re going to see what happened before that, you’re going to have that build-up to the story climax that is the ceremony and reception. Basically, it’s going to enhance your wedding video and give your wedding videographer a greater ability to tell the story of your day with a complete feel.

The best way to see how morning prep can enhance your New Jersey wedding video is to compare the two wedding videos below.


In the previous example, we have shots from prep and the first look – both of which let us use the awesome audio from the reception speeches to really create a story. We get to see the bride and groom as they prepare for the wedding and hear their story in the background at the same time. This creates a real cinematic build-up, just like you would for any movie, and we even get to hear some fun audio from the morning. We get to step into the private moments and see our two main characters (you) go from beginning to completion of your wedding story.



In this second example, we again have some really great audio to work with, and some really fun and beautiful shots. However, we don’t have any shots from before the ceremony, so it doesn’t give us that ability to build up the wedding day as a whole and is also limiting on how much of the audio can be used and where. This is definitely a very fun wedding video, but it feels like starting a novel in the middle – you never really know what you missed at the beginning.


Not having video coverage of your morning prep isn’t the end of the world by any means. It can, however, enhance and enrich your New Jersey wedding video like no other part of the day.


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