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Should we do a first look for our New Jersey Wedding Video?

The morning prep is done! Suddenly you’re in your wedding dress or your suit/wedding tuxedo and the ceremony is only a few hours away! Well, let’s be honest, things probably ran a little late during the morning so the ceremony is probably only an hour away (something to take into consideration). Let’s talk about your wedding day after you’re dressed and ready to go and what to think about before and during your wedding ceremony and how it applies to your New Jersey Wedding Video.

 Should You Do a First Look?

A first look is where you, the bride and groom, see each other before the actual ceremony. Let me stress that this is intentional. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but there are reasons why you might consider doing a first look:

  • You get to have your moment.
    • This is what I love about the first look. That moment where (typically) the groom turns around to see his bride-to-be in her dress for the first time. No one around, just the two of you (except your  videographer and photographer), and you get to react and interact with each other right there, instead of waiting until the ceremony is over. From a videography perspective, this is always a great point in time where your personalities are really going to shine through.
  • You have more time for photos.
    • Photographers tend to love first looks because that gives them more time where they can get photos of the two of you together, either alone or with your wedding party. This lets you break up your photo sessions into “before the ceremony” and “after the ceremony” chunks – giving you a break from posing and giving your photographer more time to get all those photos you wanted while not having to rush because you’re running out of daylight.

The Ceremony

  • Groom – Don’t Disappear
    • What this  means is that, I, as a videographer, need to mic you up for the ceremony, so I need to be able to find you before the ceremony. Just make sure someone who’s directing things (hopefully your wedding planner) knows where to find you if your videographer doesn’t.
  • Talk to your officiant about wearing a mic
    • I will also need to put a mic on your officiant or priest performing the ceremony to get the best possible audio for your new jersey wedding video. There are typically no problems with this, but there are a few officiants who will not let us put a mic on them. You, as the bride a groom, might be able to change their mind if you mention it to them during an initial meeting so they expect it and know that you (the couple) are aware of it as well – that could be the difference between your ceremony audio sounding great or like it was recorded in an old tin can.


There are plenty of other things to take into consideration from a videography perspective for your wedding ceremony, but most of them are things you can’t do anything about. One fantastic thing you can do is talk to your officiant about stepping away when they pronounce you as wed, so they’re not standing directly behind you for your first kiss photos. But, don’t worry about that too much, you should be enjoying that moment yourselves. 🙂


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