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We were introduced to Walt and GBH through our wedding photographer, Marie Papp, and we ARE so glad for the introductions! We met Walt at his studio to discuss our day/timeline and to see some of their finished videos. We didn’t plan to hire a videographer so it was not part of our budget. We met Walt 1 month before our wedding and they had the date open. He was able to work with our budget and even though we were hesitant to pull the trigger we were glad we did. The videos he showed us were amazing and the number 1 credit to his team was the fact that no one knew they were there at the church or venue. Walt’s crew of Kameron and Kelsey were amazing! They captured every moment from the church to the party and small details while we were getting ready. The finished product was definitely more than we expected! They are a professional team and true to their review, I did not even know they were there at our wedding. I would highly recommend the GBH team for your wedding!



“Thank you so much! The video is better than I could have ever expected!”


Dana & Justin

Well, this is AWESOME. I have to say, out of all the planning and preparation that goes into a wedding, having a videographer is by far the best decision we made. We are so happy with everything. This is something we will treasure for decades to come!!!

Not sure if you guys watch the videos, but I can’t stop laughing at what I said at the end of the ceremony…I obviously forgot there were mics everywhere and whispered to Justin, “holy sh**, we’re married.”

Everything is perfect and it’s been so easy and enjoyable working with each and every one of you. Do you have a preferred site for me to write a review?


Rebecca & John

Hey . Just wanted to say the video came out awsome . Thank you so much . My wife loved it. And the music selection fit so good. Thank you again for capturing that moment for us . And please thank the two video shooters for there awsome job.


Stefani & Kevin

It’s AWESOME as expected!!!! Sitting here at my desk at work laughing and crying! Can’t wait to see the full video.

Then they sent this as well..

Ok we watched it 10 bazillion times and it really is amazing!! There were so many great shots, and my face hurts from smiling! We are really happy with the finished product. It was just wonderful to watch our vows again. I loved all the angles they got during the ceremony! Seeing both of our faces , and reliving the “big booty” part during the ceremony was great. And around 9:42 when our officiant says “nailed it” under his breath and we high fived… neither of us even remembered that happening! lol  The editing was great too.. it all flowed together nicely!  We can’t wait to get the DVD with everything on it. We love you guys – thanks again!


Julianna & Ryan

Ryan and I wanted to reach out to let you guys know how much we enjoyed working with GBH during our wedding planning process, on our wedding day, and now afterwards as well. You have both been exceptionally responsive and very helpful with answering our many questions. Our videographers were a pleasure to work with during our wedding. You were both constantly in the mix with all of us, and aware of each important moment. You pretty much guided us during the day since we were clueless about most things, and you made sure every moment that we would want to remember forever was captured. This was so evident in the final version of the video. You managed to record every important minute –  even ones that we missed ourselves! The video came out beautifully, the music was amazing, and we are so grateful to you for the work that you did. We are so happy that we trusted you on our wedding day, and we would be happy to volunteer ourselves as references for any future work.


Kendall & Raymond

We are in love with our preview video! The editing is wonderful. We can’t WAIT to see the full video. I will most likely be sending a check to the address you provided within the next few days. Thank you again to GBH to allowing us to recreate such special memories!


Angela & Luke

Thanks! We absolutely love it. Thank you both for a fantastic job.


Patrick & Carlene

The video looks great, you guys truly do great work! Tell Ashley we said thank you so much!


Jacqueline & Daniel

Well, you have made my day, week, month, everything! I was beyond thrilled to receive your e-mail last night; I am not sure how most brides react, but I can tell you, I was crying hysterically! It was so emotional to see the video and I must say, the artists that you work with are phenomenal. A videographer was a hard sell for Dan back when we began planning, but he was truly overwhelmed to see the preview and how incredible it turned out and now I know he is elated we not only chose to have our wedding captured on video, but that we chose GBH. I have the fondest memories of our wedding day and in my mind, it was as close to perfect as it could have been, but Ashley, McKenzie and your entire team made it look even more amazing and perfect than I even remember. If the preview is this spectacular, I can only imagine what the full version will be. We can’t wait to see it!